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Marie Dvorak Christ, BSChE, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California Irvine

Marie Dvorak Christ, Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, the founder of Mass Spec Lab, is a leader in the development of accurate mass TOF LC/MS and GC/MS methods for extractables and leachables analysis applied to biomedical devices, pharmaceuticals and other allied products.

With fifteen years of experience at Invision Biomedical, Dr Christ has earned an exceptional reputation for successfully solving vexing chemical problems encountered in biomedical device product development in her role as a principal and founder.

Prior to founding Invision Biomedical and Mass Spec Lab, Dr Christ’s academic research at the University of California (UCSD Cancer Center and UCR Chemistry Postdoctoral fellowship) focused on the structural characterization and chemical analysis of peptides, glycans and glycoconjugates utilizing both mass spectrometry and NMR.

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