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Industries Served

Our specialized resources and services are valuable to a broad range of industries  Any individual, company, or organization with unknown compounds that require identification and quantification are potential beneficiaries of our services.  We have a proven track record across industries of helping clients achieve their goals.   This testimonial from one of our clients says it all -

"While finalizing a critical IDE submission, a number of irregularities were noted with the material testing being performed by our initial lab. I became frustrated trying to resolve these issues as it seemed no one grasped my concerns. The situation was further complicated by staff turnover, repeated communication missteps, and lack of a capable single point of contact.

Desperate for help, I contacted MassSpecLab, and was blown away by the level of service I received starting with the ...

first phone call.  They quickly gathered the relevant information from us, and identified numerous pitfalls/problems in the testing we had performed to date. They then created a strategy for us to correct the deficiencies that existed, which they then executed using state-of-the-art analytical techniques and instrumentation – on time and on budget.

The submission was subsequently approved. Next time, I’ll save myself the headaches. MassSpecLab will be my first phone call, not the last!"

Dave Ozinga, Refocus Group, Inc. 


Industries We Have Served:

Biomedical Devices



Extracts, Flavors, Fragrances

Personal Care Products & Cosmetics

Fine Chemicals


We specialize in accurate mass LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS, chemical identification and quantification and testing for regulatory submissions.

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